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One Heart, One Purpose

the truth shall set you free

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Uchiha Sasuke
23 July 1992
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My name is Uchiha Sasuke. There are tons of things I dislike, but I don't really like anything.

I don't have any dreams, but I do have an ambition. I am going to resurrect my clan, and...kill a certain man.

Player Information
Name: Random
LJ Account: okroginator
Email: random_idiot_v2(at)yahoo(dot)com
Messenger: aim: dishonor4honor

In-Game Character Information

Name: Uchiha Sasuke
Series: Naruto
Age: 16

Personality: None. That is to say, Sasuke does not like to show his feelings. He doesn't seem to be able to bond with people well, or even carry on a basic conversation. His loves are studying (to become stronger), fighting (to become stronger), and...becoming stronger. Almost completely socially stunted and emotionally distant, one suspects a terrible tragedy must have taken place for such a bright and talented boy to have closed up to the world so much.

Sasuke has often been described as a prodigy, the second coming of his genius older brother, Itachi. However, it isn't wise to mention Sasuke's brother in front of him, as he clams up at best and explodes at worst. Sasuke is intelligent and quick on his mental feet, though perhaps prone to bouts of bad judgment and brain-breaking logical fallacies. On the surface, he is cocky and certainly capable enough, but in a fight where he is completely outmatched, he can actually seem a bit cowardly, ready to turn tail and run if that's what it takes to survive to see the next fight. Sasuke has a goal, you see, and he has convinced himself he must see to completion before he dies.

Background: Sasuke is a member of the once-great Uchiha family. One of two surviving members, actually. When he was seven years old, Sasuke witnessed the slaughter of his family at the hands of one of their own--his own brother, Uchiha Itachi. Having learned and readily absorbed great secrets of Dark Magic (one wonders who his teacher was...), Itachi killed every Uchiha, save Sasuke. He left Sasuke alive with this message: "If you want to kill me, settle for hating me until you can. Hate me. Despise me. Detest me, and live in an unsightly way, clinging to life without honor--and someday, when you gain the power that I have, seek me out and kill me then." Sasuke was left to fend for himself, and received his acceptance letter at the age of eleven. Over the summer holidays of his second, third, fourth, and fifth years, he did not stay with the adoptive Muggle family (distant relations of his mother) that he had been with; he would disappear, and yet somehow always manage to be on the train come schooltime. No one knows what's going on there, but rumors have it that it's something to do with his growing ability, and the mysterious mark on his neck...

Blood: (full, half, muggle-born) Pure. The Uchiha family were a very old pure-blood magic family, moved to England from Japan two to three generations ago to escape a clan feud (it's said). Not much is known about the family itself; they were very secretive. Intermarriage was rather common, though it was not uncommon for the Uchiha men to take wives from other families, or even (gasp!) half-bloods, to keep the line open. Sasuke's mother, Mikoto, was half- or three-quarter-blood.

House: Slytherin

School Year: Sixth

Wand: Kaya, phoenix feather, twelve-and-five-eighths inches exactly. Slightly springy

Social capital

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